High Durability



High Durability

High durability simply means the machine is able to last a long period of time without

having problems. Lifespan of a commercial dishwasher depends on many things; largely

on two factors. (1) water quality, and (2) user management. 

Water Quality

Depending on the location of the water supply, the water may have more or less calcium

and magnesium. If the hardness of the water is high, limestone will build-up within the

machine and desensitize the water level sensor and heater. As a result, the machine will

break down over time. There are few ways to decrease and even prevent the build-up of

limestone within the machine; however, the machine price will become very expensive.

User Management

It is highly recommended that commercial dishwashers are cleaned after each working

shift or at least every day. But the truth is that most of the users don’t clean the

dishwasher. Users either forget to clean the machine at the end of the day or haven’t

received proper training. This is why we have designed the dishwasher user-friendly to

facilitate the cleaning process.

SPJ Solutions

SPJ door-type dishwashers were designed to solve these problems. The interior of the

machine has a very simple design as well as bottom half. Users can easily exchange

the spare parts and manage the dishwasher. Also, inspect all the motor & pumps of the

dishwasher from the hidden buttons on the control panel.

Additional Features

SPJ models are programmed with “SMART Maintenance System”. All electrical parts

including pumps and motors can be inspected individually from the outside. This not 

only saves time for the technicians but trained users can safely inspect the condition  

of the machine.