Electric Compatibility and System



Electric Compatibility & System 

Commercial dishwasher operates at its best performance when the machine specification 

meets the required electricity at the installation site. However, kitchens that do not have

enough electric power can only use low performance dishwasher. Typically, a 5kW 

dishwasher would take about 45-50 minutes to heat the water from 23°C to 95°C and it

is not recommended for consecutive use.

In this case, there must be an alternative solution. SPJ door-type dishwashers have 

energy saving system which decreases the overall heating time and allows consecutive

use. The temperature will not drop significantly after each cycle. The rinse tank size is 

22 L which is 20% smaller than most Korean dishwashers. This will take shorter time 

to heat the water.


SPJ models use flanged type heaters that can be easily installed. There are 3 kinds of 

heating capacities, 3.5kW, 6.0kW, and 8.0kW. All heaters are compatible with each other

which mean 8.0kW 380V heater can be replaced with 3.5kW 220V heater. Dishwasher

heater can be easily adjusted depending on the location of installation (upgrades and


In addition, SPJ rack conveyor-type dishwasher is the only dishwasher in Korea that has

internal built-in electric booster tank. All the other dishwashers manufactured in Korea

uses external booster tank which consumes more space in the kitchen.