SouthPro SPJ-1001E Upgrade Information

SouthPro 0 3,547 2018.09.22 17:12


For the past 6 months, we have received several feedback from our customers around the world.

Among those feedback, majority of the suggestions were focused on the product appearance.

For example, our previous spray arms were made with polyoxymethylene material (POM, Acetal).

It may look like any other plastic material, but it is highly durable against high temp. and corrosion.

However, it is very difficult to explain every parts and materials used in the machine to customers.

So we decided replace them with stainless spray arms and fixed few areas to enhance the appearance.

Our upgrades are primarily focused on SPJ-1001E door-type dishwasher model at this point.

We are planning to upgrade the SPJ-2001E rack conveyor-type dishwasher during Q1 next year.

1. POM acetal spray arms -> Stainless steel spray arms (2018 Q3)

2. Removable rack guide -> Liftable rack guide (2018 Q4)

3. LCD Touch screen display -> Wired remote controller (2019 Q1)

4. Taller clearance height of door opening (2018 Q3)

​5. Wash tank has an additional 0.5kW heater  (2018 Q3) 

6. Door handle thickness increased (2018 Q4)

7. Built-in energy saving system & water filter system (2019 Q1-Q2)

For over 10 years, we have used the LCD touch screen display on all of our dishwasher products.

However, we decided to change the LCD touch screen display to wired remote controller.

It seems our operation commands are too advanced for regular customers to use overseas.

Plus, the PCB mainboard is also compatible with rack and flight conveyor-type dishwashers.

Wired remote controller style will have 4 simple buttons, FND display, and red light indicators.

We are currently in the testing phase and it will completed by end of 2018.

Previously, our SPJ-1001E door-type dishwasher door opening clearance height was 370 mm.

We have now increased the opening height to 400 mm and now aiming for 420 mm.

Taller (wider) door opening height will allow the machine to wash taller and bigger dishware.

Currently, we have the tallest door opening height among Korean door-type dishwashers.\

Regarding the door handle thickness, we have increased the thickness from 19.1 pi to 25 pi.

The wash tank is now installed with 0.5kW heater for maintaining higher wash temperature.

Also, we are able to install a built-in "energy saving system" and "water filter system".

This is possible due to our unique interior product design and it will be available in 2018 Q1-Q2. 

As you can see we are always open to suggestions and listen to our customer's needs.

We do not believe that there is a perfect machine that meets all the customer satisfaction.

Every country and location has different electricity stability & range, water condition etc.

We are the only Korean dishwasher manufacturer that is capable of customizing the products.