New Product Launch : Extra Wide Door-Type Dishwasher, PDX-1005

SouthPro 0 496 2023.09.07 11:54

Extra Wide Door-Type Dishwasher, The Bigger the Better !! <PDX-1005> 


We have received a lot of attention after launching PDX-1001JD (Wide Door-Type Dishwasher).

However, we still received requests for washing larger dishware including pans, pots, trays etc. 

So we have decided to launch the "Extra Wide Door-Type Dishwasher" PDX-1005 series.

It is 50% larger than PDX-1001 door-type and 20% larger than PDX-1001JD wide door-type. 

The door inlet opening height is 550 mm with 725 x 720 mm changeable stainless steel rack 

that is integrated with the dishwasher. Rack can be used as "flat or pin" depending on dishware.


It also has an additional "U-shaped wash arm" system to enhance the washing process. 

The Dual Arm System includes “U-shaped” fixed wash arm and “S-shaped” rotating wash

arms operate together at the same time to cover all angles and corner blind spots to provide

the maximum hygiene.


For details, please click on the link below to download the product flyer. 


Thank you for your interest in SouthPro Dishwashers!!

Best regards,

Kevin Suh