New SPJ-1001 Series : Door-Type Dishwasher “Now Available”

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We would like to inform you that  we have recently released our new door-type dishwasher model.

"New SPJ-1001 Series" is a combined model of both SPJ-1001 and PDX-1001 dishwashers. 

We have taken the best features of each model and created a simple user-friendly model.

One of the biggest features is that the electrical power can be upgraded and downgraded.

If the dishwasher is currently 9kW 380V 3phase, it can be converted into 5kW 220V 1phase.

Yes! It can be also upgraded from 5kW 220V 1phase -> 9kW 380V 3phase and adjust heating power.

This means that you can easily change the electric power of the dishwasher at site within minutes.

You don't need to order a different dishwasher or face difficulty when installing anymore.

We have a detailed guideline and instructional video to help educate the technicians about this.

Another quick feature will be "Self-Maintenance". There are 4 hidden buttons underneath the front

control panel which customers can easily use to inspect all the motors in the dishwasher. Each button

allows to individually operate the (1) wash pump, (2) rinse pump, (3) detergent motor, (4) rinse motor.

This feature can help decrease the hassle and time when performing quick maintenance.

Also, we have increased the durability of the dishwasher by using all stainless SUS 304 materials

in the areas where water is in direct contact. Depending on the quality of water hardness and the

concentration of detergent chemical being used, the dishwasher parts are largely affected by these

two factors and will be damaged over period of time.


For details, please click on the link below to download the product flyer.

For videos and other details, please contact us through the email;

Best regards,
Kevin Suh