New Product Launch Q1 2019 : Slider-Type Dishwasher

SouthPro 0 1,613 2018.12.23 11:09

Slider-Type Dishwasher, New Product Launch! <PDX-1002, SPJ-1005>

First of all, we would like to thank everyone who visited our booth at Guangzhou Exhibition.

We had a wonderful experience last week having customers visiting us from around the world.

The popularity of commercial dishwashers are growing rapidly in China and Southeast Asia.

As a result, SouthPro plans to launch new product every 6 months in order to provide the perfect solution to the modern catering market's need.

We are very happy to introduce our new product, Slider-Type Dishwasher, PDX-1002 & SPJ-1005.

The slider-type dishwasher allows users to use the machine in limited kitchen space such as under 

the shelf, cabinet, stairs, hood duct etc. It saves an extra space of 40-50 CM above the machine compared to a regular door-type dishwasher. The door cap can be opened simply by sliding the 

door cap backwards.

PDX-1002 and SPJ-1005 are the same slider-type dishwashers. The difference between the two 

models is that PDX-1002 is assembled in China and SPJ-1005 is manufactured in South Korea.

Both models use the same high-quality pumps, wash arms and electric parts.


For product details, click the link below to download the PDX-1002 flyer in the "Downloads" section.


Thank you for your interest in SouthPro.

We also wish you a Merry Christmas!!

Best regards,

Kevin Suh