SouthPro Enterprise Ltd. is a commercial kitchen manufacturer and supplier company located in South Korea. 

We have been manufacturing kitchen equipment for over 25 years with over 20 different types of certified patent 

products. Since 2009, we began branching out world-wide from China to Southeast Asia with our excellent 

products, good turnaround time on orders, and cost-effective prices.


With many years of experience in overseas, we have built our unique product design to meet various electricity 

capacities, weather conditions, water conditions etc by countries. We not only offer the technology, but also 

the administrative management and excellent after-service for cultivating our corporate image. 


More than 300 units of commercial dishwashers are manufactured and assembled every month in South Korea

and China. We currently export our best product to our client with full customization, improvement, and latest 

technology to over 5 countries and 7 cities word-wide. 


SouthPro strives to create the best commercial warewashing solutions and kitchen equipment. With every 

passion and professionalism, we aim to build a cleaner environment and improve the workflow efficiency. 

We listen to customer’s needs and work closely to provide a more powerful and efficient results.


Our brand is the perfect solution to the modern catering market's needs.